A group of passionate experts

Varied profiles that coexist - organizational consultants, technical experts, DFIR or CTI analysts, converters, auditors, pentesters, graduates or autodidacts - with one thing in common: putting their cyber expertise at the service of their customers, with a taste for challenge and team innovation.


A major player in cybersecurity in France

Since 2008

A major French player in cybersecurity providing tailor-made, informed and adapted support thanks to its DNA of passionate and committed experts.

+70 employees

Mastering more than 10 languages, and working in the fields of audit, consulting, cyber intelligence, incident response and managed SOC.


Small businesses, SMEs, ETI and GE we offer an improvement in their cybersecurity and assistance to better anticipate, detect and react to a cyber threat.

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Why OWN?

Olivier Revenu - CEO

“We work with an approach that focuses on threat and risks in its technical, organizational and geopolitical dimensions, whose sequencing is based on: Operate, Warn, Neutralize. Three actions that fully symbolize the role of our experts on a daily basis.”

5" Team”

Our experts

Our teams provide day-to-day support to small, medium-sized and large organisations, enabling them to carry out their activities in the best possible conditions.

olivier revenu own
Gender equality index

With a score of 93/100, our professional gender equality index stands out in the tech world. Although there is still room for improvement, the inclusion of all diversities is a priority at OWN and we are proud of our many markers of uniqueness that result from our commitment to bringing together complementary and efficient teams. Diversity is more than a figure of speech or regulatory compliance: it is a wealth of resources that OWN draws on, both for its development and to understand, anticipate and solve the problems of our customers.

Your OWN cyber expert.