Our main mission as a CERT (Computer Emergency Response Team) is to respond to incidents but we also conduct forensic analyses to understand, operating methods and profile the perpetrators of cyberattacks in order to better detect them and better protect ourselves from them.

Since its creation, OWN has supported the first CAC40 companies in the deployment of their internal CERT.

In 2013, OWN-CERT was created, an inter-company service for the benefit of OIVs and other CAC40 and SBF120 actors. Recognizing the difficulty of VSEs, SMEs & ETI in dealing with security incidents, OWN created its CERT subscription in 2021, with the aim of making its analysts available for any size of company.

Our CERT draws its resources from a team of specialists (forensic, malicious code analysis, malware analysis, reverse engineering, OSINT), adapts its resources to each alert and is driven by two major areas of expertise: DFIR & CTI.

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Download here OWN-CERT documentation. *

*This document describes OWN-CERT in accordance with the RFC 2350 specification. It provides basic information about our team, describes its responsibilities and the services offered (RFC2350 document encryption file).

Characteristics of expertise


Cyber threat intelligence

Our CTI analysts track and analyze adversary operating methods, motivations, motivations, malware and attack infrastructures on a daily basis in order to produce intelligence of cyber origin or interest; identify and analyze online criminal activities; distribute contextualized security newsletters and produce threat panoramas by sector or customized.
Our challenge is to collect, process, correlate and analyze all technical and non-technical information (geopolitical, economic, business, etc.) in order to transform it into actionable (useful) and contextualized (relevant) information.

Digital forensics and incident response - DFIR

Our DFIR analysts provide ongoing support on demand or on site to detect security elements on our customers' IS or external threats. They assist our customers in the management of security incidents, digital forensics, malicious code analysis and provide recommendations, in its reports and through the issuance of general public newsletters on the vulnerabilities and TTPs (Tactics, Techniques and Procedures) observed during its activities.




The OWN-CERT is composed of 28 analysts working on the following topics: Incident Detection & Response, Cybercrime and Investigations, Advanced Threats.


We master several languages including Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Arabic, Korean, Korean, Ukrainian, Romanian, German, Spanish, English.

Technical and geopolitical expertise

Our team is composed of complementary profiles: cybersecurity engineers, incident response analysts, incident response analysts, geopolitical analysts, cybercrime analysts, lawyers, malware analysts, devops, SOC analysts, SOC analysts, forensic experts, data analysts.

400+ reports/year:

This is the number of deliverables produced in 2023 by OWN-CERT relating to the analysis and detection of threats.

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